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If we can help make it even a little easier on you, let us know!To get a good overview of how you give feedback to students in Blackboard, one of the best places to start is through our webinar on Feedback. It covers all the basics and can help you get up and running. We also have a number of Knowledge Base articles on grading and feedback related topics. Here are a few that may prove useful: Weve covered the technical aspects of feedback, so here are some pointers on giving feedback that address the nature of the feedback itself, from what makes effective feedback to how to ensure giving feedback doesnt overwhelm you. We hope weve covered most of the feedback essentials, but if you have additional resources to add or want another topic covered, let us know!Were happy to provide whatever support we can and share any ideas faculty have that may help others. The Office of Information Technology is involved with many projects that help faculty, staff and students efficiently navigate the way they learn, teach, live, and work at Saint Joseph's University.

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She wanted to clearly inform our students about their futures as donors and what they were designed for in hopes that they will not have high hopes only to be disappointed later on. She was kind hearted and it was her ideal to help but keeping this away from her students left her troubled and she became emotionally damaged throughout the short period she was employed here. Although she should not have gone against the sheltering of our students, I can understand her frustration; I often wish that I could tell them their fate and express my sympathy. I ensure that Hailsham shelters our students so that they can experience a normal childhood similar to that of a human child. They deserve to be given the opportunity to dream, learn and express emotions because they are not different from human children. Discipline and the promotion of hard work are to give the students a purpose in life; if they are occupied by art and studies, their futures can be easily hidden from them. If they truly knew what they were created for, they would have no reason to do anything; discipline gave them a purpose. We have been relatively successful with our sponsors lately; displaying the artwork has helped us with the expenses. I have high hopes that this movement, if our experiment with Hailsham is successful, we can help give humane treatment to clones at boarding schools all around the country!Marie Claude is very obvious with her disgust, when she comes to retrieve the artwork; she is always unable to hide her feelings but I understand how she feels. I still fight back my disgust for the students and I struggle to prevent it from stopping me from doing what is right on a daily basis. They are clones and are not truly human, but in the end, they deserve to be treated at least humanely.

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