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Poster number 118. 88. Y. Jin, Q. Cao, Q. X. Sang,Y. E. Liu, I. D. Goldberg, and Y.

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All activities recorded are consistent with the driving task, which strongly engages top down and bottom up attention and implies shifting attention between a great number of potential relevant cues for safe driving. Interestingly, the peaks of activity within the right temporo parietal junction and the middle frontal areas ventral attention system appear later for the arrows than for the traffic lights. Again, this difference can be explained by the fact that, even if both pieces of information can be anticipated when the green traffic light or the white board starts to be visible on the screen, the time pressure for traffic lights is stronger than for arrows. Then, an activation of the bilateral medial frontal areas which seem to be linked to the motor responses has also been observed. Nevertheless, this activity is stronger for traffic lights than for arrows. This difference can be explained by the difference in the time needed to make a decision according to the kind of cues. Behavioral results have shown that the mean reaction time to the appearance of arrows is very long compared to the reaction time to traffic light changes and it is longer than the analysis window. Consequently, brain activity linked to the motor responses for the arrows is not visible in this analysis. Note that another factor can influence this brain activity, the type of motor response related to each kind of visual information. Indeed, the motor response for the traffic lights consists in removing the foot from the accelerator pedal before pressing the brake pedal. Comparatively, the motor response for the arrows consisting in activating the indicator is easier.

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With use tape recorded, they can learn about conversation easily. The teacher give them some chunks on the transcript, they must repeat it with her. In this method, the teachers use small groups to help the students can get more practice with the target language and allow them to get to know each other better. This method not only teaches students to use the second language communicatively, but also tries to persuade the students to take the responsibility task for their own learning. Teacher and student consider each other as a complete whole and mental power and talent are not separated from feelings. An environment of mutual support, trust and understanding between both learner clients and the teacher counselor is prerequisite of this process. Students are clients and teachers are counselors. In this method students and teacher is assigned a typical role. Student is considered as clients and the teacher as a counselor. Learning with help of native language. In this process Students are allowed to use their native language, and teacher provides the translation which is practiced afterwards to learn the second language.

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