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elcome?Whilst we cant guarantee the supply or the exact price at this stage in the past they have varied from $50 to $140 we will take orders on a waiting list. Contact the College if you are interested. In order to best access student software and Internet resources in 2021 students are asked to provide their own laptop device for use in classes and at home. Newcomb Secondary College students will have access to a free of charge software suite of over 50 educational titles including MS Office 2016, Virus Protection and a variety of other subject related apps and software. This software will be installed free of charge and will be updated via our school network when logged on as a student. While at school student devices will access the school network via a wireless connection, requiring a security certificate to be installed by the school. Home network and Internet access is the responsibility of the student and their family. There are several options for families you can purchase your own device making sure it meets the specifications listed below, or use the Learning with Technologies portal link below or you can purchase a 2nd hand device from school. Minimum Windows Computer Specifications Recommended Core I5 Processor or a minimum of Celeron Processor Recommended 8GB of RAM or a minimum of 4GB Recommended 250GB Hard Drive or a minimum of 128GBSome cheaper devices have a Hard Drive of less than 70GB and are intended for use with Cloud based storage so are unsuitable as they unable to have school software installedLearning with Technologies PortalThere are several options of Windows devices or Chromebooks to choose from, just follow the link below. elcome?Whilst we cant guarantee the supply or the exact price at this stage in the past they have varied from $50 to $140 we will take orders on a waiting list. Contact the College if you are interested.

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At a comparatively mild 32 degrees, a cars battery is 35 percent weaker than at warmer temperatures. At zero degrees, a cars battery loses approximately 60 percent of its strength. As the air outside cools, the oil in the car thickens making it harder to turn the engine over. We offer free battery checks at our AAA Car Care Centers. Our experienced technicians can detect if there is any corrosion and inspect battery cables, posts and fasteners. Well test the battery to determine whether it needs to be replaced and get you back on the road safely. If the starter motor cranks the engine slowly or the battery/charging warning light is illuminated, there could be a battery problem. Another weak battery indicator on older vehicles is dim incandescent headlights, particularly at idle. However, not every failing battery reveals itself through obvious symptoms. Get it checked. Have the battery and electrical system inspected by a trusted mechanic prior to extreme temperatures.

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Mosques or musallahs prayer halls should resist the temptation to splinter along cultural lines. If we have national mosques, then Islam is seen as an ethnicity, not a faith. For some, his advice on assimilation is as easy as it sounds. For others, coming to Canada has meant a new chapter of grief and anxiety. Between 1988 and 1996, 55,000 Somalis emigrated to Canada, the largest black immigrant group to come to the country at one time. Most were refugees fleeing the civil wars that killed close to a million in their homeland. Single mothers especially found Canada was not the haven they were hoping for. Howa Mohamed, a Somali mother of five, puts it like this: We thought we were safe here in Canada: thank God, no bullets. But we didnt know there would be another war here, we didnt expect it. It was so tragic, we didnt know what was going on. In May, Mohamed lost her 26 year old nephew, Mohamed Jama Ali, when he was fatally shot in the stomach in what appeared to be gang violence.

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