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I never forget and I am grateful for everything we had. I learned the lesson, but I also need to learn to move forward and not be stuck in the past. Life is short, and future me is patiently waiting for whats coming next. Update: 3 months later and I am finally in a place of healing and growth. What took me so long?I was naive enough to think I could handle looking at their social media all the time, talking to them like it was normal when it clearly was awkward, and thinking I was mature enough to not let pain ruin my relationship. But you know what?Self care is saying its okay to admit youve lost. Breaking up with someone, whether it be a relationship or a friendship and trying to prove you are okay afterwards is not a competition. But it feels like it if you dont want to admit your pain and vulnerability to others. Blocking someone doesnt mean you are the smaller person. It is realizing you need your space to recover. Having alone time to yourself is okay.

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As its for thinking, youre also using it when youre learning all those super cool things at school, or when youre learning all these great facts about the brain that were teaching you now. Next comes the cerebellum which is also a very important part of your brain. It controls your balance, so without it youd be falling all over the place. You could look a bit strange being so wobbly!Now onto the brain stema small but mighty force to be reckoned with!The brain stem controls all your muscles that you dont need to think about, like breathing, keeping your heart pumping and even telling your stomach to digest the food you eat. Luckily its there to keep our bodies doing what theyre meant to do, without us even knowing about it!Imagine trying to sort and organize all that informationway too much for us, but a breeze for our brains. Theres a little area in the brain called the amygdala, and its about the size of a walnut. This helps us to understand how people are feeling by just looking at them. Wow, a walnut sized bit of brain can do that. Of course this super powered organ needs some protection, and that protection is the skull. Its made up of 22 bones that are all joined together to keep it safe and sound. The brain is actually also surrounded by fluid, which means it kind of floats in the liquid.

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Indeed Caseypedia, the other negative entry on my name, records the history afterwords and shows my assertions to be true. Negative comments about me stopped years ago. At the root of any Internet criticism is the source and the evidence. It is quite easy to be anonymous on the web, it is much harder not to be. Consider the founder of Tech Crunch Michael Arrington, whose TechCrunch blog empire attracts 6 million readers each month, has gone on a monthlong hiatus after three years of nonstop blogging. His break was prompted, he says, by burnout and by the craziness of the blogosphere he says hes been stalked, threatened and spat onI can personally assure you such offenses and much worse occur on the web. Funny enough they are always committed by anonymous individuals. The biggest criticism my few remaining detractors have about me concerns anonymity. It has been said you shouldnt bring a knife to a gun fight. I didnt. When confronted with anonymous attackers, I removed their masks.

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this zone is defined as the distance between the level of actual development and the more advanced level of potential development that comes into existence in interaction between more or less capable participants Cole and Wertsch, n. d. , Social Origins, para. 4. The ZPD epitomizes constructivist learning theory in action, how learning advances as it is built upon previous learning, and advances in stages through facilitation by a mentor more knowledgeable than the student. Graphic source: Vygotsky's Developmental Theory: An Introduction Davidson Films As noted in the section on Constructivism above, The learner takes in new information and gives meaning to it using his or her own prior attitudes, beliefs, and experiences as references Stavredes, 2011. The roots of this learning strategy lie in cultural historical psychology, as expounded through the writings of Dewey, Durkheim, Vygotsky, and others. Here, Higher mental functions are, by definition, culturally mediated; they involve not a direct action on the world, but an indirect action, one that takes a bit of material matter used previously and incorporates it as an aspect of action Cole and Wertsch, n. d. , The Primacy of Cultural Mediation, para. 5.

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Kenya. Chijoriga, M. M. 2011. Application of multiple discriminant analysis as acredit scoring and risk assessment model . International Journal of Emerging Markets, 6 2, 132 147. Chodechai, S. 2004. Determinants of Bank Lending in Thailand: An Empirical Examination forthe years 1992 1996. Unpublished Thesis. ThailandCovas, S.

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