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Schroeter, University of Mannheim, Germany. Adopted by the CISG Advisory Council following its 18th meeting, in Beijing, China 21 and 22 October 20132014. Exclusion of the CISG under Article 6, Rapporteur: Doctor Lisa Spagnolo, Monash University, Australia. Adopted by the CISG Advisory Council following its 19th meeting, in Pretoria, South Africa on 30 May 20142011. Cc nuc vi CISG: Buc tranh nhieu mu sac CISGVN Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam 3 November 2011 available online at 2011. Doanh nghip v chuyn gia Vit Nam vi Cng uc Vin CISGVN Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam 1 November 2011 available online at 2011.

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I hope everyone listened to me in class today, since I told you there that you would need to go to the blog and read the following article. 1. If a person broke the law could he claim ignorance of the law and get away with it?Why or why not?2. What was one problem the average person might have with understanding and obeying the laws?3. Why did Hammurabi write the codes out?4. How was Hammurabi different from rulers that came before him?5. Why is the Code of Hammurabi considered so important?Why do we still think about it today?6. Read through the laws that are listed at the bottom of the article. Please pick five of them the you think would still be useful today. Pick five that you think are of no relevance to today's world. Be ready to discuss in class your choices.

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