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Figuring he should catch up, he created a program to track the number of skins being bet on tournaments and tabulated their values over a few days. What he got back perplexed him. "It showed tens of thousands of dollars being bet on matches," he says. Grove tracked the site for an entire week. It showed the same thing. On Aug.

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, total stations, Global Positioning System units, aerial survey devices, magnetometers, ground penetrating radar to record contextual details about the site that can inform later analyses. Some forensic anthropologists work in laboratories with several other forensic anthropologists, especially those who work with the military or in large metropolitan medical examiners offices, but many forensic anthropologists work alone. Many work directly with graduate and/or undergraduate students to help train them in forensic anthropology methods. Sometimes forensic anthropologists take students to an investigation or ask students to help with large scale searches if animal scavengers have scattered remains in a large field, for example. Most forensic anthropologists work with fellow anthropologists on research projects and share ideas at meetings and scientific conferences. Forensic anthropologists interact frequently with other types of scientists and professionals such as forensic pathologists, forensic dentists, biomechanical engineers, death investigators, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and others. Learning about other disciplines and integrating perspectives from multiple fields help to advance forensic science. What is the process a forensic anthropologist goes through when preparing for an appearance on the witness stand in court?Expert witness testimony in a case may occur years after a skeletal examination takes place, so the forensic anthropologist must thoroughly review his or her case report, photographs, and other documentation of the case in preparation for pre trial discussions or courtroom testimony. However, the anthropologist doesnt try to learn everything possible about the matter, because seeking information beyond the scope of his or her role in the case has the potential to introduce bias. Once in court, forensic anthropologists view their role as educators. Their job is to try to teach the jury and others in the court about the basic principles that explain their scientific findings.

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Environmental Humanities 1 May 2012; 1 1: 141154. doi: uman nature is an interspecies relationship. In this essay, Haraway's concept of companion species takes us beyond familiar companions to the rich ecological diversity without which humans cannot survive. Following fungi, we forage in the last ten thousand years of human disturbance history with feminist multispecies company. Cereals domesticate humans. Plantations give us the subspecies we call race.

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