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The same book that had given Schifter a sense of purpose now gave him comfort. Death, he believed, is an illusion. Reincarnation is reality, he wrote on Facebook. Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss was my breakthrough discovery that established it. When he told Faiz about his plan, his friend was devastated.

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One of the high points of Shawanga Lodge's existence came in 1959, when it was the site of a conference of scientistsresearching laser beams. The conference marked the start of serious research into lasers. The hotel burned to the ground in 1973. The Overlook still remains in a different form, no longer functioning as it was in its heyday. The Overlook had entertainment and summer lodging for many years through the late 1960s and was operated by the Schrier family. It included a main building and about 50 other bungalows, plus a five unit cottage just across the street. Some of these hotels originated from farms thatwere established by immigrant Jews in the early part of the 20th century. Despite the upgrade of old travel routes such as old New York State Route 17 superseded by an express highway of the same name, now in the midst of an upgrade to Interstate 86, the area declined as a travel destination. What was left was a veritable museum of abandoned or decaying travel related businesses from the Borscht Belt's heyday. The post World War II decline of the area also coincides with the increase of air travel. Whenfamilies could go to more far off destinations such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Europe for the same amount that they could go to the Catskills, the new venues began to win out.

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Remember it was GWB who rejoined UNESCO. Here she is in 2004 on wanting to use the law affirmatively to enshrine UCHR uman%20Rights%20Day%202014/The%20Rule%20of%20Law%20in%20the%20Universal%20Declaration%20of%20Human%20Rights. pdfThis is how little c communism gets locked into place using the law and then in the minds of men and women, using education and the medias pushing of false narratives. No wonder UNESCO head Irina Bokova simply calls the cultural juggernaut to promote scientific socialism as media education. Reading the information on the Global Dignity Day site which BTW is today, annually the third Wed of October many thoughts come to mind. Of course, Im for dignity and discussion of values, but where does it stop the designation of school days as special, off the curriculum activity?Will there be competition from other idea promoters for equal time Grit, Empathy, Collaboration, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Character, etc. Days?2I wonder and worry that so much money is being directed to values teaching instead of being directed to gaining academic skills. Just what are the goals of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum with partners like Coca Cola, etc?3Will the youth selected to be leaders in these social entrepreneurship projects be encouraged and enticed into the fields of social promotion?These are fields, which really dont pay for themselves and are not really self supporting or pay taxes. They rely totally on donations and contributions from agencies, NGOs, government funds and corporate funds. 4Will these young talented leaders become a steadily increasing brain drain from fields which DO contribute to economic and political civic health of communities and families?5From the evidence gathered by this one blog, Invisible Serfs Collar, it seems convincing that there are MANY similar projects world wide with these same characteristics as noted above. It appears like such a glaring avoidance of the basics needed by so many, many young people in this world.

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Tasks such as reviewing employee personnel files, gathering information from supervisors and providing instruction as to particular employees should be done by the city manager or other official charged with overseeing the citys employment structure. This is true even for matters of public interest. If city residents object to the conduct of particular employees, the council can respond by asking the city manager to investigate and take appropriate action regarding the objections. For example, in a small city experiencing resident complaints about rude police officers, the council should itself refrain from taking direct action as to those officers. Instead, it can ask the city manager to investigate and respond to the issue globally. The city manager can then, as part of his or her comprehensive response, take appropriate employment action as to the officers in question. Comply with the Brown Act. The Ralph M. Brown Act provides that certain official bodies, including city councils, may only act through duly called and regularly held meetings that are open to the public. A city council can conduct closed meetings to discuss certain personnel matters. These include meetings in which the council discusses the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, discipline, or dismissal of a public employee 8 This closed meeting exception, however, may apply only to the councils consideration of employees over whom the council has appointing authority for example, city managers, city attorneys and others.

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That said, we can all manage our time a bit better in this area. Consider the following:Control your trigger finger: Make up your mind that emails do not have to be responded to immediately. Put it on your list and focus on your priority admin tasks. The key point is to stop having one list. It is not a list, it is a noose. It will strangle you and starve you of the air you need to do your job. Human beings are programmed for development. St Thomas Aquinas notably identified this as natural and it became the third of his five primary precepts for what makes humans flourish. When we stop learning, growing and becoming, we run contrary to our nature as human beings. It also undermines our mental health and wellbeing. You need a clear plan of CPD.

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