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Unique Structure and Function ofEndometase/Matrilysin 2, a Putative Cancer Biomarker. Invited Talk. AmericanChemical Society, Florida Section Meeting, Orlando, Florida. May 11, 2007. 18. Q.

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But she won't go through with the act of casting a ballot. It wasn't until about 20 minutes into the service that I realized I was seated right behind a prince one wearing cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. After the service, I tapped Prince Michael Kauhiokalani on the shoulder and asked if he had a minute to talk. He took me to a field beside the church where an ancient king and queen of the Hawaiian Kingdom, his distant relatives, are buried and entombed. His sister, Princess Owana Ka'ohelelani, came with us. She brought up an ugly piece of Hawaii's history: the part when U. S. business interests essentially took over the island nation without the consent of its ruling monarchy. This thread of Hawaii's story was new to me when I set off for the islands, but when I landed in Honolulu, the first place I went was Iolani Palace, now a museum. For $12, you can see the upstairs chamber where Queen Lili'uokalani, the last monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom, was held on charges of treason, brought by local businessmen. A judge named Sanford Dole basically forced the queen to abdicate the throne in 1895 by promising pardons for her supporters.

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