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The design can help you in getting a realistic estimate of all the costs involved in building your house. Next thing to do is consult your architect and make a list of the building materials involved in house construction. Gather information about market costs, related to every one of the above factors. To get an idea about building costs, consult builders in your area. If possible, inquire about the building costs of houses, which are similar to the design of your house. All this information, which includes building, labor, material and architectural designing costs will enable you to come up with a realistic number of total cost to build your house. Then divide it by the total square footage of your house flooring, which will give you the building cost per square foot. All that said and done, there are two ways of approaching the problem of estimation. Either you create a model of your dream home in excruciating detail and then estimate the cost, by calculating the price of each factor, or you decide the maximum amount you are willing to spend and find out what kind of house fits that budget. The latter approach is more realistic one. Make sure that your total building budget is 10% to 15% more than the estimated total cost of building.

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Green vant 10 divisjonstitler, ndde sluttspillet tte ganger og NFC Championships to ganger, med et sammenlagtresultat p 97 62, i sine ti sesonger med Vikings. Vikings hadde dermed den femte hyeste seierprosenten ut av alle lagene i NFL i seriespill p 90 tallet. 1998 var et minneverdig r for franchisen. Med et spektakulrt angrep ledet av quarterback Randall Cunningham som erstattet en skadet Brad Johnson, running back Robert Smith, wide receiver Cris Carter, og nykommer Randy Moss, satte Vikings en NFL rekord med 556 poeng, i en sesong hvor de fikk minst 24 poeng i hver eneste kamp. Vikings avsluttet sesongen 15 1, med det eneste nederlaget mot Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 24 i uke 9. I sluttspillet vant Vikings 41 21 mot Arizona Cardinals, og var favoritter i NFC Championships mot Atlanta Falcons, som hadde gtt 14 2 i seriespillet. Ved slutten av fjerde kvarter l det uavgjort mellom de to lagene, og til tross for at Vikings vant myntkastet fr ekstraomganger vant Atlanta med et 38 yard field goal fra Morten Andersen. Vikings ble det frste laget i NFLs historie til g 15 1 i seriespillet og ikke n Super Bowl. Falcons tapte i Super Bowl XXXIII mot John Elway og Denver Broncos. Cunningham kom tilbake i 1999, men ble erstattet av Jeff George etter at Vikings startet sesongen 2 4. George avsluttet sesongen 8 2, og ledet Vikings til sluttspillet igjen, med et sesongresultat p 10 6.

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R. Mammadov for the development services in mass media in the Republic of Azerbaijan was awarded Progress Medal on July 20, 2019. By decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 4, 2019, R. R. Mammadov was appointed chairman of CJSC Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting. In 2004 2008, he did a bachelors degree at Baku State University. After completing the military service, in 2009 2011, he did a masters degree at this higher education institution. Since 2019, he has been continuing his education in the field of International Relations at the State Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since 2009, he has worked in various media outlets. In 2010, he started working on AzTV after being selected through the contest. In 2012 2015, he worked as the editor in chief of AzTVs Public Political Programs Department.

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As discussed above for HIV, rural urbanization allows infections arising in isolated rural areas, which may once have remained obscure and localized, to reach larger populations. Once in a city, the newly introduced infection would have the opportunity to spread locally among the population and could also spread further along highways and interurban transport routes and by airplane. HIV has been, and in Asia is becoming, the best known beneficiary of this dynamic, but many other diseases, such as dengue, stand to benefit. The frequency of the most severe form, dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is thought to occur when a person is sequentially infected by two types of dengue virus, is increasing as different dengue viruses have extended their range and now overlap 25. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is now common in some cities in Asia, where the high prevalence of infection is attributed to the proliferation of open containers needed for water storage which also provide breeding grounds for the mosquito vector as the population size exceeds the infrastructure 19. In urban environments, rain filled tires or plastic bottles are often breeding grounds of choice for mosquito vectors.

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