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Although I am not a skinny mini, my diabetes scare has gone away along with other issues. I wish you the best. Traveler04. have you ever changed the way you eat through out the day?Take in the same calories but spread them out. eat approx 2000 calories but instead of eating them in 3 meals eat them in 6. You will feel like you are eating more and your glycemic index will balance out and allow your metabolism to shift.

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Please be aware that this week we have two public holidays for which the school will be closed Wednesday Oct 21 Geelong Cup Day and Friday Oct 23 Thank You Day previously known as AFL Grand Final Day Holiday. We are pleased to be able to announce that Allmore Constructions are the successful tenderer and will be undertaking the facilities work on M Block, C Block and the eastern locker bays. This work will lead to improved Mathematics, Music and Systems Technology spaces. Allmore will begin work on the project by the end of this month and the buildings are expected to be completed by May 2021. We will keep you informed with regular updates on the projects progress. In 2020, all parents and guardians will be offered the opportunity to participate in the annual Parent Opinion Survey. The survey will be made available to you via a link and personalised log in code that you will receive this week. Keep an eye on Compass in the coming days for all the information about this important survey. We certainly value your input and feedback!Please be aware that, despite many businesses and schools in Victoria having Melbourne Cup Day as a public holiday, State schools in Geelong, including Newcomb Secondary College will continue as a normal school day. In 2020, all parents and guardians will be offered the opportunity to participate in the annual Parent Opinion Survey. The survey will be made available to you via a link and personalised log in code that you will receive this week.

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With this article, our goal is to introduce fellow engineers, regardless of level, to web accessibility and share our practical knowledge and best practices. The WebAIM web accessibility mailing list is for anyone interested in discussing web accessibility issues. Individuals from all organizations and specialties are encouraged to join. Technology can empower people to achieve more, help strengthen education opportunities, and make the workplace more inviting and inclusive for people with disabilities. Get a strong foundation in digital accessibility to make your websites and apps work well for people with disabilities, meet international standards, and provide a better user experience for everyone. This course will introduce you to accessibility through hands on, technical examples that are way more effective than reading 10 year old static web content. A series of five 5 minute tutorial videos hosted by Aquent Gymnasium that deal with introductory accessibility topics. The A11Y Collective is the e learning platform for anyone who wants to learn more about web accessibility. The courses focus mostly on knowledge and skills that are valuable for web designers, developers, webmasters, product owners and web editors. Accessibility enables people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, interact with, and contribute to the web. Imagine a world where developers know everything there is to know about accessibility.

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Septic odors may also indicate a system failure or an imminent failure. But such odors may also be produced by defects in the plumbing vent system or other site conditions. Beware, sewer gas contains methane and is explosive if it reaches a dangerous concentration inside a building. However there can also be septic effluent treatment failures. Effluent may not back up or appear on the surface, but if insufficiently treated effluent reaches a private well or any stream or waterway, the environment is being contaminated an unacceptable condition. Historically many people have just worried about disposal. As the quality of drinking water deteriorates in many areas and as population grows in many previously thinly populated areas, proper treatment has become the real concern for everyone's health. For example, if there is not sufficient soilbetween the bottom of the soil absorption system trenches and the localgroundwater, the local environment is being contaminated. This chapter is maintained at SEPTIC FAILURE CAUSES Septic Failure Causes: How Does Each Septic System Component Fail?What to Look For During a Septic Inspection, but text is repeated here for readers who scroll down Before digging up your septic tank or calling a septic pumper, if you think the septic system is failed because of drain blockage or drains backing up into the building, you should to see "Diagnosing Clogged Drains: Is it a blocked drain or the septic system?A First Step for Homeowners". If you link to that text, please return here using your browser's "BACK" button. A principal measure to avoid system failureis periodic tank pumping.

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You'll be able to make people listen. We'll have the chance to work towards a brighter future. You'll have a voice in the government, in the way laws are worded and even if they're passed. With that comes even more responsibility, but you will be able to ensure that the right laws are making it through the Wizengamot. "Ron nodded in understanding, and turned to Hermione. "'Mione, I know we're not engaged, or married, but whatever I do is going to affect you, as well. What do you think?"Hermione gulped, her eyes wide. She loved Ron, and she really didn't care how much money he had, or what his social standing was. But here he was, asking her what she thought about him becoming a lord. And her potentially becoming a lady. She shook her head slightly.

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