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The Health Benefits. Aloe vera is a rather amazing plant. My great aunt did not know about acemannan but she did know about Aloe's ability to heal. She always said, "If it burns, stings, itches, hurts, or you want it to look like a baby's skin put the magic jelly on it". She called it, "the magic jelly" because fresh Aloe vera gel heals burns like magic. The gel has been used topically for thousands of years throughout the world to treat wounds, skin infections, burns, and numerous other dermatologic conditions.

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Its religious institutions denounce them as immoral. Its police use torture against them. Its armies sack towns where they are practised. The massive political and ideological struggles that arise as a result, decide, for Marx, whether a rising class, based on new forces of production, displaces an old ruling class. And so it is an absolute travesty of his views to claim that he neglects the political or ideological element. But the growth of superstructural institutions not only freezes existing production relations, it can also have profound effects on the relations between the members of the ruling class themselves, and therefore on the way they react to the other classes in society. Those who command the armies, the police and the priesthoods live off the surplus obtained by exploitation just as much as do the direct exploiters. But they also develop particular interests of their own: they want their share of the surplus to be as great as possible; they want certain sorts of material production to take place to suit the particular needs of their institutions; they want their sort of lifestyle to be valued more highly than that of those involved in direct production. Their attempt to gain their own particular aims can lead to the building of ever more complex institutions, to elaborate rules about social behaviour, to endless battles for place and influence. The end result can be labyrinthine structures in which the source of wealth and privilege in material production is completely forgotten. When this happens, the superstructure can go beyond simply freezing the economic activities on which it is based.

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How do you know if customers are leaving your knowledge base article happily with new knowledge and answers in their head or if theyre leaving, frustrated and without answers, contemplating changing to a competitor?On the same note, how do you know youre creating the right content and actually answering everything your customers care about?There are a few ways to measure how well your knowledge base is working. First, include basic, one question feedback surveys at the end of each article. These surveys don't have to be complicated you could simply ask "Was this article helpful?" and have customers click a thumbs up or thumbs down based on whether they found their answers. Secondly, provide an email address or phone number for customers to provide further feedback or ask additional questions. Now that weve covered some knowledge base best best practices and how to write great knowledge base articles, lets look at some example of companies that do it really well. Youve got a good grasp of the theory and best practice, but what does an effective knowledge base look like?For that, lets go over some excellent knowledge base examples. Optimizelys knowledge base is huge, and it contains a community forum, a traditional knowledge base, an educational academy, certification programs, developer documentation, and a link to regular support. Here in this image, you notice that three elements are prominent: left hand navigation, search functionality, and popular articles/common questions. This is just the tip of the iceberg and its a great way to get people started without overwhelming them. When you scroll further, you see the crazy breadth of topics they cover here. When you click into an individual article, like the following tutorial on personalization targeting, youll be pleasantly surprised at the depth and descriptiveness of the content.

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In that case, the Supreme Court rejected the contention of the state of Punjab that a religious or linguistic minority should be a minority in relation to the entire population of India. The Court has ruled that a minority has to be determined, in relation to the particular legislation which is sought to be impugned. If it is a state law, the minorities have to be determined in relation to the state population. The Hindus in Punjab constitute a religious minority. Therefore, Arya Samajistis in Punjab also constitute a religious minority having their own distinct language and script. It is within the realm of possibility that the population of a state may be so fragmented that no linguistic or religious group may by itself constitute 50 percent of the total state population.

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Research has shown that psycho educational groups are especially effective in reducing risk behavior among teenage females. Statistics show that young Latina, Native American and African American girls have higher teen birth rates than whites. First experiences also occur to black females earlier than their white counterparts. The younger they become sexually active, the less likely they use protective means. Practitioners recommend community based and culturally specific adolescent prevention programs for African American girls younger than 11 or 12. On the other hand, Latina youth need help from staff members who understand Latino culture and speak Spanish. These staff members must emphasize the importance of education to future financial stability among these young girls. Teen Pregnancy in Los AngelesProvide a reasonable description, with sufficient detail, of how this health concern is linked to a health inequality for the population of interestIn the case of Los Angles, California the teen rate is the highest in comparison with the rest of the state. However, in a study that was conducted by Biggs 2011, she determined that the largest group who have the most teen rates inside LA County are Latinos. The below table is illustrating the Hispanic teen rates in contrast with economic and social factors. "Los Angeles Teen Birth ate," 2010Latino Teen Pregnancy ates in Contrast to Economic and Social FactorsPercentageProficient in EnglishLess than a High School EducationHigh School DiplomaVocational School.

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