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Calculations of this kind are obviously more complicated when a court is faced with two different statutes, enacted decades apart, but Glidden indicates that even then the task is judicially manageable. No matter how difficult it is to determine which remedy would less obstruct congressional objectives, surely we should make that determination as best we can, instead of leaving the selection to the litigants. That question is not answered by the "fallback" provisions of the 1985 Act, which take effect "n the event that any of the reporting procedures described in section 251 are invalidated. 1100. The question is whether the reporting procedures should be invalidated in the first place. The fallback provisions simply make clear that Congress would prefer a watered down version of the Deficit Control Act to none at all; they provide no evidence that Congress would rather settle for the watered down version than surrender its statutory authority to remove the Comptroller General. See Brief for Appellant United States Senate 31 43; Brief for Appellants Speaker and Bipartisan Leadership Group of United States House of Representatives 49; accord, Brief for Appellant Comptroller General 33 47. To the extent that the absence of express fallback provisions in the 1921 statute signifies anything, it appears to signify only that, if the removal provision were invalidated, Congress preferred simply that the remainder of the statute should remain in effect without alteration. This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue University. When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice.

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The learner will also study risk assessment factors in the driver with neurologic disease. Module 9 Diabetes MellitusThis module reviews the challenges and safety issues associated with driving a CMV with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. The learner will identify common side effects of medications used to treat diabetes and potential safety issues for the CMV operator. Implications of end organ disease as a result of diabetes are also discussed. Module 10 Psychiatric EvaluationThis module reviews the relevance of psychiatric health and conducting a focused psychiatric exam on the CMV driver. The medical examiner will review specific mental health disorders and their potential impact on the driver operating a CMV. Module 11 Musculoskeletal Disease and Drug Abuse and AlcoholismThis module reviews the relationship between musculoskeletal health and the physical demands of operating a CMV. The medical examiner will learn FMCSA required components of a musculoskeletal health history and physical exam. Phamacokinetic interactions of medicines commonly prescribed for musculoskeletal disorders are also reviewed. This module also reviews the effects of drug and/or alcohol on ability to operate a CMV. FMCSA guidelines for medical examiners examining individuals suspected of substance abuse are discussed.

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If there is no water in Purdie Ponds, I have six horses that will not be able to go through to Daly Waters; they must be two nights without it, and that they will not be able to stand. I have therefore determined to send Thring and King to Purdie Ponds to morrow, to see if there is any water, and also to examine another place that I observed in coming through, where I think there may be water. If they find none at either of these places, I shall be compelled to leave the six weak horses at the camp, where there is and will be plenty of food and water for them. To attempt taking them through, and be compelled to leave them behind where there will be no chance of their getting a drop of water, would, I consider, be a great cruelty; here they are safe, and there is a chance of their being picked up by the next party. If Thring succeeds in getting water, I shall still endeavour to take them on. I am yet suffering very much from scurvy; my teeth and gums are so bad that it causes me excessive pain to eat anything, and what I do eat I am unable to masticate properly, which causes me to feel very ill indeed. Light winds, south east. Thursday, 21st August, Rocky Gorge, River Strangways. At 7. 30 despatched Thring and King to see if there is any water in the Ponds. Resting horses, repairing saddle bags, etc.

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That was about 47 percent of the towns total general fund income. Star Valley uses the local justice of the peace to adjudicate its traffic tickets through an agreement with Gila County. The legislature put an end to the practice last year when it banned photo radar on state highways. As a result, the town anticipates raising about $96,000 through traffic citations in 2017. FAILURES IN FERGUSONThe national hand wringing about the role of municipal courts and whether they are too vulnerable to political pressure was triggered by the Justice Departments findings in Ferguson. Beyond the bottom line conclusion that the judge in Ferguson had allowed his court to become a revenue raising tool of the city, the DOJ was critical of practices such as issuing arrest warrants and suspending drivers licenses to compel payment of fines.

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The parks department is currently looking at staffing and developing a budget for the course. Bumbleburg and city leaders are thinking about forming an advisory committee to provide input on golf course usage and management. "Golf is like other sports, you have highs and lows," Bumbleburg said. Besides flooding, the municipal course revenues have been dampened by competition from several new or renovated courses in recent years. "You hope you don't hit valleys, but you do. "Strausbaugh said it will take some time to hammer out final details of the contract termination, including figuring out at what cost the city obtains ownership of maintenance equipment and golf carts. "We're in the golf course business now," he said. "I want to get it set up and back under control. "Changes to the River Bend Golf Course to remedy flooding issues could cost millions, a consultant told city council members last week. For the previous two years, the course has flooded, damaging fairways, killing trees and limiting play. Last year, the course was underwater, except for the high points of three holes, an aerial map shows.

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