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I read books on anxiety and panic attacks. They have alot of helpful hints in them, that have become part of my daily routine. Keep your daily schedule the same if possible. I learned with more routine schedules, I felt better. For example, wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day, eat meals at the same time, and similar. Of course, you're going to do different things each day, but atleast try to keep some kind of structure to your life. Getting involved in church is also helpful. Just know that the higher power in your life, whatever it may be for you, is in charge and expects you to let him do the worrying. It you're so young and having these problems. My attacks were so severe I stayed home for a month and at this point I'm doing excellent!Learn to tell yourself that "it will be over in a minute" instead of "I'm OK. " Of course, you don't feel OK, so why would you tell yourself that?Also, I know as teenagers, we experiment with drugs, etc.

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is part of a team Bible study, while Stephanie is steeped in a womens study with players wives, and both attend a couples study. As the Forts continue to feed themselves with scripture and fellowship, they work to extend the same care and cultivation they have received to others. The influence FCA has had on their lives deeply reverberates within them, and their identity in Christ is the glue that holds them together. Relationship with Christ is my key, L. J. said. Its about perspective, to bring Him in at the center of everything for His glory. Gods still allowing me my dream, but its His too. Hes my total inspiration, Fort said. The only reason Im out here is to glorify him. I look at this game of football and he blessed me with these abilities to be above average in football so I want to use them to worship him.

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