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Or, more accurately, it roots the concept into the process of escaping the here and now. This is not to infer that the historical pursuit of astral projection is one solely of escapism. The process of astral projection can be sought for the purpose of self enlightenment, mental healing, insight into the human condition, and expanding the expression of the human mindand soul. This is why the concept of developing skill at astral projection and exploring pathways to an astral plan has remained so prevalent in many different cultures through many different periods of world history. The aforementioned notion that developing skill with astral projection has only been popularin ancient times and recent years is not to infer that these are the only time periods whereastral projection experienced times of popularity. The medieval era and the renaissance sawincreased interest in the study of astral projection although the belief that such a disciplinewas associated with witchcraft and Satanism certainly kept scholars of astral projection performing their duties in secret.

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Not surprisingly, Nelsons first Earth Day speech reflected this cultural shift, boasting that April 22 was to be the birth date of a new American ethic that rejects the frontier philosophy that the continent was put here for our plunder . 11Decades after the initial event, Nelsons assistant who coordinated the Earth Day national teach in campaign, Denis Hayes, told an interviewer that: We consciously set out to build a movement to bring America back together, and let everyone under the umbrella with a shared set of values. 12New ethics and a common set of values were to guide this movement and act as the inspiration for college students in their environmental advocacy. Remember, this was 1970, and the students of that era represent a wide swath of todays political, business, academic, and religious leadership.

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Article 191. The Office of the Attorney for the Defense of the People is an autonomous body of the Judicial Branch, aimed at guaranteeing full and equal access to justice by persons who, because of their situation of defenselessness or economic, social, or cultural status, cannot hire legal defense services for the protection of their rights. The Office of the Attorney for the Defense of the People shall provide technical, timely, efficient, effective and free of charge legal services to support and legally advise the rights of persons in all matters and institutions. The Office of the Attorney for the Defense of the People is indivisible and shall function as a decentralized entity with administrative, economic, and financial autonomy; it shall be represented by the Attorney for the Defense of the People and shall benefit from human and material resources and labor conditions that are equivalent to those of the Attorney Generals Office. Article 192. The Attorney for the Defense of the People shall meet the following requirements: 1. Be an Ecuadorian national and in possession of political rights. 2. Hold a university law degree, legally recognized in the country and be knowledgeable in administrative management. 3. Having practiced with notable rectitude and propriety the profession of attorney, judge or university instructor for a period of no less than ten years.

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This methodology is not based on the usual methods by which languages are taught. Rather the approach is patterned upon counseling techniques and adapted to the peculiar anxiety and threat as well as the personal and language problems a person encounters in the learning of foreign languages. Consequently, the learner is not thought of as a student but as a client. The native instructors of the language are not considered teachers but, rather are trained in counseling skills adapted to their roles as language counselors. The language counseling relationship begins with the clients linguistic confusion and conflict. The aim of the language counselors skill is first to communicate an empathy for the clients threatened inadequate state and to aid him linguistically. Then slowly the teacher counselor strives to enable him to arrive at his own increasingly independent language adequacy. This process is furthered by the language counselors ability to establish a warm, understanding, and accepting relationship, thus becoming an other language self for client. Community Language Learning is an innovative approach that Brown 1994:58 lists as one of the Designer Methods of the Spirited Seventies. It is certainly unique in that it is one of the first methods to be developed that really focused on the feelings of the students and tried to address affective factors in learning particularly for adult learners. It was also the first method to combine the field of language learning with dynamics and principles of counseling.

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