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To receive research elective credit, the student must complete the project to the satisfaction of the faculty mentor. The research plan portion of a proposal should be clear, specific and informative, with a well defined problem and a well defined approach to study the problem. The year 4 elective committee will review and must approve research proposals submitted for elective credit in order to determine the appropriateness of elective time required and educational merit. The SIU School of Medicine SIUSM encourages its faculty to participate in scholarly endeavors, particularly biomedical and behavioral research. The purpose of the Misconduct in Science Committee is to investigate allegations of misconduct of SIUSM faculty in proposing, conducting, or reporting research in a manner that seriously deviates from practices commonly accepted in the scientific community. Section 1: The committee shall be named the Misconduct in Science Committee and will be referred to hereinafter as the Committee. Section 2: The Committee is organized for the purpose of ensuring that the School of Medicines mission of research is conducted in an appropriate manner and that allegations of misconduct are investigated in an appropriate fashion. Section 3: Misconduct is defined as fabrication of data, falsification of data, plagiarism, or any other practice that seriously deviates from those that are commonly accepted within the scientific community for proposing, conducting, or reporting research. Section 1: Voting members of the Committee are five selected faculty members who hold the rank of Professor in the School of Medicine. Attendance by proxies is not permitted. There are additional, non voting ex officio members of the committee.

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Early in the year its interesting to see whats happened already. One thing Im promoting locally is the Salem Business Network, a local online business networking and referral site that I run. My plan is to talk to a few hundred people about it this year and get them signed up for a free listing which will likely get them listed on the front page of major search engines. Again, I just want to see where all that networking and relationship building leads. If the networking is only online, I look for opportunities to take it offline. If theyre local, that means an invitation to coffee and conversation.

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Let me start by saying that I pretty much live in my basement and I dont really know what the occupy wall street movement is all about. I dont believe that income equability has done anything major because those of us who work harder get paid more money in most cases and those of us who put in less work get paid less and are not as profitable but if we were all paid the same there would be no reward or punishment for hard work or laziness. If we say congress has contributed to the problem we are really blaming herself because you have to remember who elected congress. I do honestly believe that the white house is doing a fine job in running our country that being said I would like to see a few changes but I am sure that they have a good reason for what they are or arent doing. In my personal opinion, I believe that the people occupying Wall Street are wasting their time. From what I have previously heard about the topic, the protesters are unemployed and while I understand that they do not agree with everything like the government and the banks, their time would be better spent looking for jobs so they actually have an income. Also, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed to the countrys problems, but no one could predict the amount of time the U. S. military would spend there and now President Obama is doing the best he can to withdraw troops from the Middle East, but it includes spending money the U. S. doesnt have.


Challenges of identifyingbiomarkers of human cancer invasion and metastasis. Georgia State BiotechnologySymposium, 2009. Invited Talk. November23 24, 2009. Atlanta, Georgia. 113. Tormo, M. T. ; Chisvert, M. ; Sanmartn, J.

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