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By William LangewiescheBy 1990 the mastermind behind Pakistan's nuclear bombs, Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan, was living flamboyantly in Islamabadindulged by Pakistan's military and civilian leaders; adored by the masses; ensconced in a multitude of luxurious houses; surrounded by bodyguards and sycophants; writing checks to schools, charities, and mosques; lecturing; and continuing to lead the large government laboratory that carried his name, in nearby Kahuta. In addition to running the 10,000 centrifuges and producing the highly enriched uranium necessary for Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, the laboratory had diversified into the design and production of other weapons, and was beginning to work on the problem of nuclear delivery by means of ballistic missiles. Pakistan, which had not yet tested its warheads, continued officially to deny the existence of a nuclear weapons program, but its denials were sly and patently insincere, like parodies of diplomatic sophistication, not intended to be believed. Particularly since the successful showdown with India three years earlier, during which both Khan and the Pakistani president were alleged to have threatened their Hindu neighbors with annihilation, Khan had been freed from the need to be discreet. In public he had assumed the role he believed he deserved, no longer of just another refugee from the Partition, or of an arriviste in a land of the poor, but, rather, of Khan the Magnificent, a "brilliant scientist" who was wise and progressive, a patriot, and, indeed, the savior of Pakistan. Moreover, all Pakistan seemed to agree. The fame had unbalanced him. He was subjected to a degree of public acclaim rarely seen in the Westan extreme close to idol worship, which made him hungry for more. Money seems never to have been his obsession, but it did play a role. The nuclear laboratory was nourished by a large and secret budget for which no accounting was required and from which Khan freely drew funds as if they were his own.

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We no longer will have to shout at them, though there is no guarantee that we will like their solutions or pace. Nevertheless, artists will find the protest stance somewhat emptier, somewhat less compelling and, hopefully will be moving on to new, less knee less repetitive, less strident content. Back to the issue of business failures in the art community. Its not that I think the art world is too fat and will benefit from a crash diet, but its worth thinking about who the market for art has been and who it might become. Art has been, in a sense, also feeding at the trough of the high finance world. How many people can afford a painting over say $10,000 and Im stretching here.

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Just dont forget to add good press in as it comes. Which leads me to the next phase of presentation. Pictures. Make sure they look professional read: dont hire a girl with a camera because she wants to sleep with one of you and she isnt the fastidious type. You can have anyone do these but make sure youve seen their work and it matches up with how youd like people to perceive you visually. Photography is no more point and shoot than engineering is simply sticking a microphone in front of an amp. Make sure your photographer understands the mechanics of what they are doing. If they dont, then theyll be ill equipped to understand your communication of how you want to represent yourselves and it will be akin to going at lengths to tell an engineer specifically what kind of sound you want from your guitar when all theyve ever done is put an SM 57 right against the grill of an amp. Thats fine if it works but something else might too and it may remain undiscovered if the person responsible for doing so cant think outside their own box read: this is advice for ANYTHING that involves someone elses artistic contribution to your band. And make sure that you coordinate your appearances. This doesnt mean quixotically thinking you can drop 20 pounds in three days if youre not as trim as youd like to be, but dress for both your body type and for the style of music youre playing.

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Problem is of course, you have to watch you don't kink the phial getting them into some housings. We'll go into these in more detail in another article but, generally, you will have spade terminals to make the electrical connections required and, normally, two, three and occasionally four terminal posts on the thermostat. Obviously this is the shaft which the control knob that you would be able to regulate the setting of the fridge or freezer will attach to. There will almost invariably be a threaded section at the bottom of this shaft on the main body. This is often used to fix the thermostat into the housing of the fridge or freezer by way of a nut which is usually included with a replacement but you will often see this fixing even in thermostats that do not require it, that's perfectly normal. There are, literally, thousands of different thermostats out there.

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