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Browder, D. 2001. Curriculum and assessment for students with moderate and severe. New York: Guilford Press. Ryndak, D. L.

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Cooke ed. 1961. Even a cursory examination of the Constitution reveals the influence of Montesquieu's thesis that checks and balances were the foundation of a structure of government that would protect liberty. The Framers provided a vigorous Legislative Branch and a separate and wholly independent Executive Branch, with each branch responsible ultimately to the people. The Framers also provided for a Judicial Branch equally independent, with "he judicial Power . extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, and the Laws of the United States. " Art. Other, more subtle, examples of separated powers are evident as well.

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One whistle blower, an examiner for one of the main exam boards, said the cause of the rot, ultimately, is competition between exam boards. The heads of the countrys main exam boards will be questioned by MPs today over the growing scandal in the examinations system after disclosures by The Daily Telegraph last week. This newspaper reported that teachers were paying up to 230 a day to attend seminars with chief examiners, who advise them on exam questions and the wording pupils should use to get higher marks. Another, Steph Warren, the chief examiner for Edexcel GCSE Geography, told an undercover reporter considering taking the companys tests you dont have to teach a lot and there is a lot less for pupils to learn than with rival courses. The exam boards are expected to claim today that these examiners spoke out of turn and there is no evidence of widespread wrongdoing. However, The Daily Telegraph has been contacted by dozens of teachers, pupils and examiners who allege a system riddled by dubious practices. Last night, a dossier of evidence provided by whistle blowers was passed to the committee of MPs who will question examiners, exam board executives and regulators about the system. Allegations that one of the main exam boards was warned that a teenager had posted a correct exam answer online before an A level law test after his teacher met an examiner. Last June, students at two high performing schools were also allegedly openly discussing the content of a forthcoming A level history paper on Facebook. An English examiner who says that over the past decade the standard to receive a C grade has markedly deteriorated and that what has happened is a travesty against learning. A teacher who was visited by chief examiners who dropped big hints on what to expect in the summer exam.

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