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End quoteuote:Rich, you failed miserably when tested under scientific conditions, and you now refuse to prove your "abilities" to anyone, including truly respected taiji practicioners willing to come to you. You're a cowardly fake. There is notning even remotely legitimate about you, but you are an excellent conman. You even conned the lazy editors of KFO into publishing your garbage as filler. You actually have the gall to claim you can disarm a knife attack without touching someone. Prove it, you dangerous fraud. Prove it publicly, in a scientific test. Oh, sorry, I forgot, you've been there and didn't do that. Anyone who wants to know the truth needs only to do a search for "Mooney" right here on KFO. Your background is fake, your claims are fake, and your tactics are reprehensible. Oh, and there's something really twisted about you, Rich, what with those dead baby pics and all.

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If my title is not cynical, what can I possibly mean when funds are being cut to non profits, when people look twice at the cost of theater tickets and stay home to watch broadcast television, when even masterpieces fail to bring in money for Christies?All luxury or nonessential purchases like books and art will be scaled back. Strapped corporations and executives are dumping their vanity collections onto the prestige auction houses who are seeing prices and attendance fall precipitously. Many small art related businesses will fail, including bookstores, small theater companies, galleries, even museums. Surely this is a time for a great wailing to arise in the land of the creatives, who have already pinned their last hopes on a new W. P. A program that will surely be announced soon. So why in Picassos name would this be a good time to be an artist or writer?Lets start with Bush or should I say Bush hating. Artists and writers have been a disproportionate amount of effort fighting the man. The stance, however justified, made it easy to structure plots and feel good about poorly realized efforts because the artist was focused on the urgent need to topple the evil regime. How much subtlety was required?With a new dynamic Democratic administration firmly gripping power in Washington, there is no longer a need to waste any more effort haranguing the public about the war in Iraq, and his other unpopular positions. Soon his mistakes will be our mistakes as Democrats innovate and/or borrow from the previous administration and we will only have our own to blame.

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Lane pressured her to withdraw the letter, saying it would create problems for the city in light of the Goldwater Institutes investigation, she said. After she refused, Lane sent her a letter recommending she resign from the board, citing concerns shed implied judges in Scottsdale are tied too closely to city prosecutors. Schenkat later was asked by two other members of the council not to testify against the judge at the April 4 council hearing, at which he was unanimously reappointed. She stands by her previous concerns that the judges in Scottsdale are too sympathetic to prosecutors, adding thats an attitude the council seems to favor. The court is set up as a moneymaking machine, and they are just happy to know there is revenue coming in, she said. They dont want to upset that apple cart. So they are complicit with bad justice in the name of revenue. Lane said he did not ask Schenkat to withdraw her letter but rather suggested it would be best if she did not testify against the judge, or at least that she make it clear she was speaking as a private citizen and not a member of the judicial board. Lane did ask her to resign later because, in his view, Schenkat had clearly let her personal animosity toward one judge taint her independence and objectivity, he said. Pressure on city judges does not just come from city councils. As was seen in Ferguson, police and prosecutors also rely on compliant judges to allow practices that are both lucrative and controversial.

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Its all good and all good for you. To assist here are some documented mens health tips that can help you eat healthier. For one when it comes to fruit and vegetables the key is eating a variety of colors. Thats because each fruit or veggie presents its own unique mix of minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals being disease fighting compounds?Got a weight problem?As theyre high in fiber while low in calories and fat, fruits and vegetables help you watch your weight. Besides being mostly water they give you a feeling of fullness that lets you eat less.

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" In the United States, Sesame Street's popularity is staggering; 77 percent of American preschool children from all areas, ethnic groups, and income levels watch the show once a week or more. In many locales they can take their pick of three or more broadcasts a day. "We're like the British empire," one of the show's creators quipped presciently during the first season. "Someday the sun will never set on Sesame Street. "Winner of 58 Emmys, two Peabody Awards, and four Parents' Choice Awards, subject of retrospectives at the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Modern Art, Sesame Street is as revered as it is popular. From its earliest years, when U. S. commissioner of education Sidney Marland proclaimed the show "among the supreme revelations of my 30 years in education," to recently, when John Wright of the University of Kansas's Center for Research on the Influences of Television on Children recommended it as "part of a balanced breakfast," experts have pronounced the show "quality children's programming," a completely different breed from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers or Animaniacs. Through its role as teacher of young children, and because of its much vaunted racial and ethnic sensitivity, it often serves as the national symbol of compassion, as in the recent memorable performance of Bert and Ernie, directed by Representative Nita Lowey, at a congressional hearing over funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. So it comes as some surprise when you actually sit down to watch this marvel. Don't expect a show that, like a good book, inspires children's developing emotional or moral life, that engages their imaginations, that piques their curiosity about the world or enriches their experience of language.

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