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2. Those who fail to make contact with the church during a one year period following a move, may, by church action, be dropped from the church roll. Only active members who have reached their eighteenth birthday or are married have voting privileges. b. Watch Care: This status available only to students at Maranatha Baptist Bible College who wish to retain full membership in their home churches. They have the same privileges and responsibilities as active members, except they may not vote, speak in church business meetings, or hold the office of pastor, deacon, or other designated offices. c. Inactive: Failure to attend the services as stated above shall be deemed sufficient grounds for dropping of the name from active membership and placing it on the inactive roll by church action. Names shall be carried on the inactive roll for a period of six months. During this time, every effort shall be made by the pastor and deacons to re establish the members fellowship with the church. If the delinquent member shows no interest during the year, the deacons may recommend to the church that the name be dropped from the church roll.

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Those particular measurements might be found on any BMW 3 series, a Jaguar S or X Type, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 or Wrangler Rubicon, or a Lexus SC300 or IS250. And probably a bajillion other vehicles, too. Wheel offset is simply the distance from the mounting surface of the wheel to the true centerline of the rim. It's something that's actually pretty hard to measure without some precision tools, but it's not impossible. Offset comes in positive and negative numbers:Bolt patterns are usually written like this: 5x112. The first number the "5" is the number of bolts that go on the wheel typically 4, 5, or 6. The second number is the pitch circle diameter, which measures the diameter of the bolt circle. which, interestingly enough, means different things based on how many bolts the vehicle has. For 4 and 6 bolt wheels, you're measuring from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the bolt hole directly across from it. A 5 bolt wheel requires a little geometry: mentally "draw" a circle running through the centers of each bolt hole, then measure from the center of a single bolt hole out to the imaginary circle that lays between the two opposite bolt holes. These two terms are synonymous, and measures the center hole in the wheel.

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All three papers produced weekly editions as well, summarising the weeks news as well as containing social and personal features. The Free Press through its short lifespan June 1910 to early 1916 ran an editorial line critical of both the government at Westminster and the chief Irish nationalist political organisation, the Irish Parliamentary Party IPP. Though the paper suffered from a lack of finance and contained many errors typographical and otherwise its existence in such a small and crowded market was significant. It provided a counterweight to the predictable lines carried by the Examiner nationalist and steadfastly pro IPP and the Constitution unionist, and pretty vehement at that. Having had to put it mildly differing viewpoints on the Home Rule Crisis for the previous two years, all three papers immediately supported the declaration of war against Germany on 3 August 1914. This did not come as a huge surprise. During the imperial crises of the preceding five years which were covered by the papers when there were lulls in the Home Rule debate all papers were agreed that Ireland should and must support Britain; though the Free Press mocked members of the Irish Parliamentary Party for their overenthusiastic and bombastic comments. Within days of the declaration of war being passed, and shortly after IPP leader John Redmonds speech in which he offered the services of the Irish Volunteers to take the place of British troops in guarding Ireland, pro recruiting meetings were held in Cork. In spite of pressure from separatists who had supported him and his organisation and indeed formed the majority of the staff of his paper OBrien felt compelled to support the war for a number of reasons: pressure from his wifes family in France, the logic of his policy of conciliation towards unionists and his own viewpoint of the international great power game. The Free Press argued that the declaration of war had killed and scotched the snake of Irish dissension and religious discord Irish unity has been achieved. There was little basis in reality for this extreme optimism.

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Next week, we plan to release our weekly report and list of individual banks. Stay tuned!As always, if you have any questions, please contact Alisha Sears . Twenty teams from universities nationwide have advanced to the second round of the 2020 CSBS Community Bank Case Study Competition. This years competition examines the impact of the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti Money Laundering BSA AML requirements on community banks. The judges had a difficult time choosing who would advance to the next round due to the stellar case studies submitted this year, said CSBS Senior Executive Vice President Michael L. Stevens. We are particularly impressed by the perseverance and dedication of these students to compete during a pandemic. The student teams undergo three rounds of judging over the next four weeks. The top three teams will be announced on June 18. Each student member and faculty advisor of the first place winning team will receive a $1,000 scholarship and be invited to present at the CSBS Federal Reserve FDIC Community Banking in the 21st Century Research and Policy Conference. Their work will be published in the annual CSBS Journal of Community Bank Case Studies.

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Since the light from these galaxies has taken eons to reach our solar system, it offers astronomers a window onto what the universe looked like only a short time after the Big Bang some 13. 7 billion years ago. The dazzling snaps of nebulae, supernovae and galaxies captured by Hubble are usually only released after having undergone a postproduction process to add color. Hubbles onboard digital cameras only take photos as gray scale pixels, so astronomers make multiple exposures of the same object using different filterstypically red, blue and greento capture various wavelengths of light. These are then overlaid to create a single color composite. Since Hubble can see in the ultraviolet and infrared ranges, scientists also occasionally insert additional color into the images to bring out details that would otherwise remain invisible to the human eye. Like many NASA programs, Hubble spawned spinoff technologies that proved useful in other fields. One of the most significant breakthroughs concerns the observatorys Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph, which Hubble used to search for supermassive black holes. NASAs improvements to the spectrographs detection ability were also a boon to medical professionals, who used the same silicon chips to more effectively image womens tissue and distinguish between benign and malignant tumors. Hubbles telescope is powerful enough to spot the light of a firefly at a distance of some 7,000 miles, and scientists have used these enormous capabilities to unlock many of the secrets of the cosmos. Astronomers estimations of the age of the universe used to vary widely, but Hubbles observations of ancient, burned out stars have helped pin the date of the Big Bang at somewhere around 13.

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