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While an average healthy female would have a score of about 27 30 ml/kg/min. To give you a perspective of what this means, professor of sports science Tim Noakes in his book Lore of Running says, elite professional male runners have a score of around 85 ml/kg/min and female runners are around 77 ml/kg/min. The good news for all us normal people those who are not athletes is that VO2 max can be improved with training, and losing body fat, with intensity of exercise being the most important factor affecting VO2 max. According to a study by the Fitness Institute of Texas at the University of Texas at Austin, shedding 10 pounds of body fat can result up to 6% increase in VO2 max. Another point that can sometimes be neglected or overlooked is to follow proper running technique. Faster efficient runners tend to have short steps where the feet are not lifted too much off the ground. Also they tend to run to a beat of around 180 steps per minute. Keeping the upper body relaxed and swinging the arms forward and backward generally will ensure better balance aiding quicker steps. Now, we come to something that probably all of us take for granted yet, is vital for not only running but our survival too, yes, breathing. As a child, I remember being told to close my mouth and run, and only breathe through my nose and not mouth. But today, scientific research has found that breathing more fully results in lesser fatigue.

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There are several reasons that online learning is becoming popular with each passing day. It gives students the liberty of studying and learning at their own pace. The students get to choose from a wide range of universities, instructors and web resources to learn from. If one does not understand or fail to cope up with the teaching methods of one instructor, they can always very flexible switch to another instructor that suits their style of learning. Gone are the days when the science subjects were believed to be best studied in a laboratory. Students today have started studying subjects like Physics through online classrooms. This is the reason that thousands such websites are available for the students to learn popular courses such as Physics online, from the best universities, best instructors but from the comfort of their own homes. Since there is an abundance of a number of such websites, each of these websites may not match the standardized quality education that a student needs. Therefore, it is imperative for the students to know about the websites that offer the best eLearning programs and online education in Physics. Physics is a very popular subject among the students. Every day, millions of students around the world use thousands of websites to study Physics online.

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Strategy steps cue students to focus on critical elements of the concept; to use visual imagery, associations with prior knowledge, and key word mnemonic devices to create a study card; and to study the card to enhance comprehension and recall of the concept. 3. Listening and Note TakingListening and Note Taking is an easy to learn strategy that helps students identify and quickly capture important information during a lecture, sort main ideas anddetails as they write, and study their notes to earn the best test grades possible. Listening and Note Taking is suitable for instruction in core subject courses as well as supplementalskill based classes. Source: . Briefly describe Piaget's theory of Cognitive Development. Answer: Piaget's theory of Cognitive development explains that children discover and construct knowledge through their own activity. He believed that intellect grows through assimilation and accomodation. To explain his theory, Piaget used the concept of stages to describe development as a sequence of the four following stages:a. The Sensory Motor Stage extends from birth until approximately the age of two. During this stage senses, reflexes, and motor abilities develop rapidly.

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Maybe one day we will realise the truth of this and then cancer can be eliminated if the dietary deficiency is addressed. Evidence for this dietary deficiency comes from case studies of people who have cured themselves of cancer using salvestrol therapy. Here is an example of a lady who cured herself from cancer using this approach:A 36 year old woman was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 cancer, following biopsies and blood tests. A 3 5 cm tumour was found under the right and a larger tumour was found in an underarm lymph node. The tumour looked the size of a golf ball on the image. She was told that her situation was really serious.

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