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But where the challenge was successful in Britain and the Netherlands it liberated the new ways of working and living from the old constraints it generalised bourgeois forms of production. The same relationship holds between the workers struggle under capitalism and the ideas of revolutionary socialism. Initially, workers try to fit their experience of fighting back against aspects of capitalism into ideological frameworks that are bequeathed to them from the past. These frameworks shape the form their struggles take, so that the struggles are never a simple reflection of material interests. The deadweight of the past hangs like a nightmare on the brain of the living, as Marx put it. But the process of trying to interpret their new experiences through old frameworks creates a tension within the old frameworks, which is only resolved as people try to change the frameworks. As Antonio Gramsci put it, The active man of the masses works practically, but he does not have a clear, theoretical consciousness of his actions, which is also a knowledge of the world insofar as he changes it. So there are two sorts of consciousness, that implicit in his actions, and that superficially explicit, which he has inherited from the past and which he accepts without criticism:This verbal conception is not without consequences; it binds him to a certain social group, influences his moral behaviour and the direction of his will in a more or less powerful way, and it can reach the point where the contradiction of consciousness will not permit any action . the unity of theory and practice is not a given mechanical fact, but a historical process of becoming. Thus the Chartists of the 1830s and 1840s attempted to come to terms with new experiences through older, radical democratic notions. But this created all sorts of contradictory ideological formulations.

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Usually new arrangements, such as payment plans, can be worked out to get the person into compliance with court orders, said Taylor. If a defendant fails to show up for the hearing or fails to abide by other court orders, a warrant will be issued in Phoenix, Taylor said. I dont have any other way to compel the attendance of the person to be accountable and compliant other than an arrest warrant, Taylor said. Unless we are going to say when they thumb their nose at the court just let it all go, whats the court supposed to do?In Phoenix you have to bend over backwards to ignore the court to end up in the situation where the courts only real recourse in a criminal case, whatever it is you failed to do, is an arrest warrant. There were 248,472 outstanding warrants issued by municipal courts in Arizona for the arrest of people who failed to appear, according to state data for the 2016 fiscal year. Of those, 135,273 were for cases involving misdemeanors and the rest were for criminal traffic offenses. Of the criminal traffic warrants, about 45,000 involved DUIs or what are considered serious criminal traffic violations, such as leaving the scene of an accident or reckless driving. The other 68,468 were for criminal traffic offenses not deemed serious in state reports, such as driving on a suspended license. Arresting people for failing to appear or pay a fine for what started as a minor offense highlights another problem cited by the DOJ in Ferguson. Every time an arrest warrant is issued, the person faces new charges, fines, and fees that often make it even less likely they will be able to keep up on their payments or ever clear the underlying charges, the DOJ found. The routine use of arrest warrants also means people can be jailed for minor ordinance violations and other charges that would not normally entail jail time.

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