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Numerous sessions were held with Khamenei to have him agree with Raisi taking part in the race and all principalist candidates rallying behind him. The IRGC continued its engineering through the Guardian Council by disqualifying the vast majority of candidates. A week prior to the Councils final announcement rumors indicated only six of over 1,600 candidates would be qualified. This made it clear all announcements by the Guardian Council were in fact decided previously by the IRGC. The combination of the current six candidates in the presidential election is the necessary package for the IRGC to correctly rig the entire vote outcome. An issue discussed on a daily basis among the IRGC senior command is how to plan their next move, aiming to inflict the utmost damage to the Rouhani faction and yet also prevent any possible ignition of massive protests and/or nationwide uprisings similar to those of 2009.

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The conceptual influence of the Lots is not the result of natural materialistic laws. The power of the Lots originates on the level of Divine Intelligence and Will. In this case, however, their substance receives its form as mathematical proportions of the differing active essential natures of the planets involved in their extraction. Now that we have carefully explained the course of the Moon, let us turn to the discussion we promised in this work, namely, the explanation of Fortune. We cannot explain the essence of Fate unless that place is investigated carefully. We must consider the Part of Fortune with as much care as all the other points in the chart; I shall point out easily how it is discovered. When you find it, observe the combinations and aspects of all the planets and then you will be able to understand the uses of the Part of Fortune. With these words, Firmicus introduces the reader to the importance of the Lot of Fortune. There are a couple of essentials in his opening words. First, he tells the reader that you cannot explain the essence of Fate unless the Lot of Fortune is examined carefully. What is the essence of Fate?At the beginning of Project Hindsights efforts at recovering the astrological record of the Hellenistic Era, Robert Schmidt wrote an article that dealt with this concept of the essence of fate in Greek philosophy.

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or, scrambled, i asked your man which he or she could have meant. He further to explain any american native food gives the look of being the produce of poor people car without any deficit of dyes and / or presentation/garnish. the actual american native coworkers and i merely featured at one another. he then prolonged actually saying, Im right stating that if you appear at euro mealtime, it looks many more improved and as a consequence top school. let us only just declare nobody totally loved the pup promptly after he dissed american native snacks even if specifically the right one vivid woman during an tv set approach. i have been thinking a tiny bit morbid with rediscovering the reassurance of school basically my partner and i ditched out two several former.

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I really don't know whether to go to University or not. Since everyone got their results recently, a lot of people I know have been posting online how excited they are at the prospect of going to Uni. If i'm totally honest, I don't feel excited about it and I can't pretend to be. I think a lot of it is to do with being away from home Im not a very independent person. However, I feel as though I have to go otherwise I won't be able to get a good job when i'm older. I have read that graduates supposedly start on higher salaries.

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